Sacred Power Places


What is a Sacred Power Place?

Sacred Power Places are also known as Sacred Sites, Holy Places, Sacred Places, or Sacred Ground. 

Sacred Power Places are holy, magical places which have the power to heal the body, inspire the mind, develop psychic abilities, awaken your true purpose in life and lead you on the path of enlightenment. Most people think of famous sacred sites such as Stonehenge, Machu Picchu or the Pyramids of Egypt, but there are far more places than those and some of them may even be close to your home.  In fact, you can create your own sacred place with powerful spiritual energy in your house. 

I was introduced to the power of Sacred Sites, quite by accident.

Before I knew what it was like to connect to spirit and before I developed a really strong psychic channel, for me to notice spirit or divine presence, it had to be in my face, or something that bowled me over.   My first experience was about 18 years ago, when I was in a Hindu temple during an Arati ceremony praising God with gratitude.  The moment the ceremony began, I felt incredible waves of soothing and energizing energy flowing through my body. It was so strong that I felt dizzy.  I could almost see the thick energy in the air around me.  I had no idea what it was, but it felt like divine blessings.  The next day as I was meditating I had a physical and energetic spiritual awakening.  I felt a shudder of a wave rise up through my spine and literally burst up through my head.  My consciousness seemed to open up with great clarity.  It was an incredible shift in my being, which I knew had something to do with my experience in the temple.  

The next time I experienced those same waves of energy was a couple of years later in Kyoto, Japan, visiting as a tourist.  We were visiting the historical Sanju-san-gendo Temple, which is still run by Buddhist monks.   The temple was built in the 12th century and is famous for it’s 1,000 carved statues of armed Q’uan Yin, who is the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.    As we walked through the threshold of the door to the temple, I felt an overwhelming rush of energy.  It felt as if I ran into a wall of buzzing air, but I could feel it in my body, not just on my skin.  As I walked through the door, it was like was walking through a waterfall of buzzing energy, flowing down, around and through me.    I was shocked, I didn’t expect it!  I thought, “Whoa! What WAS that?”  As we continued to walk around the 1,000 carved statues, the energy was so strong I thought I might faint, but I didn’t.  When we emerged from the temple, the feeling dissipated.

The next experience I had was when we were in the medieval town of Brugge, Belgium at the Basilica of the Holy Blood.  Legend has it that after the Crucifixion, Joseph of Arimathea wiped blood from the body of Christ and preserved the cloth. This relic was placed in a chapel built on Burg Square in the 12th century.  The basilica houses this relic and many other relics of saints.    The Basilica of the Holy Blood is a very popular cathedral and there was a long line to get in, which started forming even before the doors opened.  As I moved slowly on the line, just as we got to the door I could feel that familiar buzzing energy, we hadn’t even walked through the door yet. I remember it clearly, because I was staring at this big black nondescript door, feeling the energy, and thinking, “Wow, what’s in there!?” After we entered, I could almost follow the feeling through the basilica, strangely, it disappeared in the upper chapel where the “holy blood” cloth was, but it was very strong in the lower chapel.  The lower chapel housed the relics of Saint Basil.  One visitor posted on her experience, and in it she said, “We were lucky to experience the actual touching of the vessel of the blood. It was spine tingling. It was unexplainable.”

Those experiences made me curious. What was I feeling?  Was I getting dizzy from all the incense?  Why was it only in certain places and not others?   I felt the same energy in a Hindu temple, a Buddhist Shrine and a Christian Cathedral.  What was that buzzing I felt? I had visited quite a few temples, churches and other religious sites, and not all of them gave me this feeling.  Now I was on a quest to find more places like this, and since then, as I developed my sensitivity to spiritual energy, I’ve found more places, some of them nearby and in places you wouldn’t expect.

So what makes a site a Sacred Power Place?  Millions of people through history have traveled great distances on pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world.  These pilgrims search for and often receive divine blessings, healing and enlightenment, or spiritual transformation in these places.  Certain sacred sites are very powerful and have palpable energies that everyone can feel.  It’s almost as if these sites are bathed in divine supernatural energy.   Some sacred sites are in places of great natural beauty, or perhaps where a miracle occurred, or where a saint was born or died and their remains are still there.  Metaphysicians say that sacred sites are situated on intersections of ley lines which are electromagnetic lines in the earth.  In these intersections you can feel vortices or vortexes of energy.  Sedona, Arizona is a famous place for these vortexes.  Martin Gray, an expert, who has visited over 1,000 sacred sites in the past 20 years, categorizes sacred sites into four factors that give them special power; those sites that are influenced by the earth, influenced by celestial bodies, influenced by structures of sacred sites and finally influenced by human intent.  Of course one site can be influenced by more than one of these factors at once.

In my personal experience, of the many sites I’ve visited, I found the most powerful, what I’ll call, spiritual energy, seems to be in places where people are currently worshiping, praying, meditating or performing devotional acts.  This includes places that are within a sacred site!  The most powerful spiritual energy is found at altars where people pray or meditate!  I’ve also found that you can create this energy through your own devotion to whatever God or Universal forces you believe in.  Your intention, your reverence to that higher divine spirit, amplifies the spiritual energy and this energy will actually remain in that place.   So you can create your own Sacred Power Place.  This is why people have small altars in their homes where they meditate and pray.  The eastern religions often practice meditation on a small woolen blanket, called an Asana.   The Asana absorbs the spiritual energy you invoke during your meditation.   You can charge your room or your altar with spiritual energy with your spiritual practices that are repeated over and over. 

Okay, I’m sure you’re asking if I’ve been healed, enlightened or developed special psychic powers from these places.  I’d say I believe the effects of these places are cumulative. The more places I visit, I feel more subtle flavors of healing happening in me, I feel my intuitive powers have been improved, and, yes, I feel these Sacred Power Places have enhanced my connection to spirit.   I no longer need an in your face, blow you away experience, to feel the connection, it’s become an every day happening with all the nuances and detail, as if God were whispering in my ear.  - copyright © 2009 Lisa K.

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