Lisa K.’s Favorite Sacred Music


Lisa K.‘s Favorite Sacred Music

What is sacred music? 

Sacred music can mean different things to different people.   It is music that is often associated with a religious context since it is music associated with praising God.   But it doesn’t have to be religious, it can be music that is merely uplifting to you, music that gives you an inspired feeling, a feel good vibration, an energy buzz that is unexplainably beautiful, uplifting and transforms your mood to bliss. 

I absolutely love sacred music.  I particularly like polyphonic early music.   What you are listening to here is a selection of my favorites that I could find available.   Both listening and singing this music is incredibly beautiful, and the energy I feel from it is so vibrant and strong, it changes my entire being, from my mood, thoughts, feelings and even physical feeling.  I know there is something so special about this music for me personally.

I also love Kirtan, which originated in the Hindu bahkti tradition as loving songs sung to God. I’ve included one of my favorites here from Sudha and Maneesh de Moor called Om Baghavan.   I played this one while we meditated on the river by Cathedral Rock in Sedona, it was amazing!  The iPod Nano below plays my favorites.

I grew up with music as a large part of my life since my mother is a professional singer and master voice teacher.   I started learning how to play an instrument at the age of 5, so it’s been a long time!   I sing in a church choir and in an avocational chorus.   I love music, I thank God for giving me such a wonderful gift in both listening and creating music!

I originally had a player on this page to show you the music, but the pieces seem to disappear, probably due to copyright.  So I’ve inserted links to samples on Amazon for you to try.

I hope you enjoy some of my selections here.  If you have any questions about this music, please send me an email!