Lisa K.’s Every Day Spirituality

Your every day spirituality starts with those things that make you happy, that feed your spirit through your heart’s desires and what your Higher Self wants for your Highest Good.  Those desires are what you would call soul food.

I wanted to create a place on the web where you can go for your soul food to relax, read, watch and be inspired, calmed, soothed, motivated, reassured and loved.

These dynamic pages are dedicated to bringing you spiritual every day tools you can use to help you be more centered in your life and remain connected to your spirit.

My Every Day Spirituality Blog has articles on the key things to bring back spirit into your busy life.  Often times we are much too busy to remember, but there are some simple ways to stay in your spirit, and these are ways how.

Sacred Power Places to visit is one of my favorite subjects, I love to travel and visit those places that have that special powerful energy of divine and positive vibration.  These are sacred places that I have had the most incredible divine energetic experiences.  Come explore them with me!  Click here for What is a Sacred Power Place?

NEW! I’ve just added a new page for Sacred Music, which follows after Sacred Power Places.  Sacred Music doesn’t have to be religious, it can be music that is merely uplifting to you, music that gives you an inspired feeling, a feel good vibration, an energy buzz that is unexplainably beautiful, uplifting and transforms your mood to bliss. 

Between Heaven and Earth is my monthly internet radio show, all the archived shows are listed here in one easy place to find them without advertisements!  Each show has their own player you can click on to listen. 

My Daily Angel Messages are listed in the Automatic Angel Writing™ page so you can easily read them or go to my blog. You can also learn how to do your own Automatic Angel Writing™ in my recorded class.  Visit my e-store for more information.

I will be updating these pages frequently so come back and visit often!

with love and peace,   Lisa K.

Photo: Copyright © 2009 by Lisa K. Chapel of the Holy Dove, Kendrick Park, Arizona